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About Elkie Clinton

Elkinsette “Elkie” Clinton "Career and Prosperity  Catalyst".  She is CEO and founder of Savvy Moms Unite, Amazon Best Selling Author, Coach, Educator, and Speaker.


She holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Rhode Island. She has worked with several nonprofits, educational institutions, and corporate entities.


Working as a Career Coach inspired Elkie to consider becoming a life coach.  It was during that time she worked with women who wanted to make changes in their career but struggled with navigating the process for obtaining their career choice. Within her sessions, she developed relationships with her clients which led to her designing more personalized coaching sessions with them. Elkie would support them in goal setting, self-development, and creating a vision for their life. She helped them develop new career pathways and implement lifestyle changes while also providing access to resources in the community that supported them in achieving their goals.

It was through Elkie's own personal financial struggle that she shifted her focus to teaching money mindset and in her coaching business. She states "As much as I felt I was helping single moms find the career of their desire, I knew that their biggest challenge was their finances." The more money that was made in the single-parent household less became disposable income. It was a never-ending battle trying to eliminate debt(educational expenses, car notes, credit card, kid's education) and provide a lifestyle that allowed for work/life balance. She was tired of hearing that single moms were limited. She then created her signature financial course "Master Your Money" to tackle those financial pitfalls many single moms face and get them to build wealth while they were looking to increase their income through new careers. 

Elkie is a mother to a daughter that inspires her to pursue her dreams. She is one of the motivating factors behind why she became a Savvy Mom. She wants to inspire the next generation of women to not only dream big but create a life that is best suited for them. Personalized dreams are the best! 

Books by Elkie Clinton. Click on the book's cover to get more info.

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